Ready to get my green on!

I’m ready to go! My university’s, (or my alma mater I guess), basketball team won their first March Madness game today. Go Green!!!!! (The colors of the school are green and white). I am very happy about that. I’m only a basketball fan during March Madness, but Michigan State always makes it to March so … Continue reading Ready to get my green on!

Saint Patrick’s Day

I’m aware that Americans make a ridiculous deal about this holiday. I used to go to a university where the school colors were green and white and where it was a tradition to kill your liver on this day. People would line up for the pubs and bars as early as 3-4 am the night … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day


I woke up in the middle of the night coughing my head off. I’ve tested myself for Covid and no one who has been around me is sick so I’m pretty sure it’s not that. I’ve had a sinus thing, which urgent care was pretty sure was a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics for, … Continue reading Bronchitis?

Still snowing…

…and I’m still sick. I think the antibiotics are helping though. I’m trying to embrace the holiday anyway. I’m bummed that church is cancelled tonight and tomorrow. I really wanted to go. I am blessed that I can spend Christmas with people I love. I know a lot of people who got trapped by the … Continue reading Still snowing…

Laid back 23rd

It turns out I have a sinus infection, which is not really how I planned to spend the holiday. I have some antibiotics and some other stuff, so I’m hoping the combination helps it from getting too much worse. It’s trying to move into my lungs, which is really annoying, so just trying to prevent … Continue reading Laid back 23rd