Rough health day

I had one of those days where I just didn’t feel well. I was very nauseated all day even though I doubled the dose of my nausea meds, (safely). I had some twinges of pain in my side like I have when I get “warning shots” from my pancreas before it goes nuclear with pancreatitis … Continue reading Rough health day

Black Friday!

It’s THAT day. The day that traditionally retailers in the States go into the “black” for the year on their financial ledgers due to holiday shopping. It’s almost a holiday of its own now and a day that, admittedly I dreaded when I worked retail. People are willing to do some really mean things to … Continue reading Black Friday!


It’s the day to gobble till you wobble! Also, it’s mostly the day to remember why I’m thankful. I’m so thankful for my family and friends without whom I would never have made it this far in my life. I love them all. I love all of you as well! Happy Thanksgiving to those of … Continue reading Thanksgiving!

The 10th…

A favorite memory? I think, while again it is incredibly difficult to choose, I’ll try to pick just the one… I pick birthdays with my mom as a kid for my favorite “together time.” She made yummy snacks that most moms didn’t the patience for, and was into making everything a teachable moment. Really though, … Continue reading The 10th…


I woke up today with a headache that I’m hoping is from the weather. We have sort of an unsettled weather pattern with storms last night and more storms forecasted for tonight. I had a lot of fun with my cousin and her girls at the fireworks last night though. They were really nice. It … Continue reading Funk.

Independence Day

This is generally my favorite holiday. It’s probably because I have so many fond memories attached to it and I mean, as messed up as things can get here, I love my country. At the same time, there is a lot of heartbreak associated with today as well. I don’t know. I’m just having a … Continue reading Independence Day


I was supposed to go see fireworks on Independence Day with my stepdad but it looks like it’s going to rain Monday night. The place we were going to go has a large festival for several days and they have fireworks tonight too, but they just had a rather significant disaster occur during their air … Continue reading Fireworks