You guys, I’m not kidding…

…I’m sitting in the emergency room waiting room. No joke. Again. I think I should have a cot with my name on in now at the very least. It’s ridiculous. I was sent here by the nurse at my doctor’s office so it’s not like I just showed up here. It’s kind of a long, … Continue reading You guys, I’m not kidding…

Guess what???

Guess who was in the emergency room again? This girl! Yay! I was in so much pain it was not funny and my pancreatic enzymes were pretty high (for me), so…. Five hours of waiting later…. I got some pain meds, nausea meds, and fluids through an iv and I feel loads better. I am … Continue reading Guess what???


This week is making a wrong turn. I can’t tell for sure, (because I never can until it’s really bad), but it feels like I might be getting pancreatitis again. I super hate it. I don’t know what sets it off. It would explain why my mood has gotten a little weird over the last … Continue reading Symptoms

Big storms!

We had some nasty storms last night I guess. I didn’t notice them because I was in the hospital and my window looks out onto a courtyard thing, instead of fully outside. Thank goodness. I’m pretty scared of storms so I am not a fan. Anyway, a bunch of people I know lost power last … Continue reading Big storms!

Seriously though???!!!!

Yeah that is an IV in my arm. I have pancreatitis again. I am so mad. I am in the hospital again, and so frustrated. I don’t know what is kicking this off. Avoid stuff kids. Photo by me.


I called the nurse at my doctor’s office for advice on my blood pressure because it’s not been cooperating. I’ve been dizzy and feeling strange for a while. I thought it was okay, but it got bad again. I discovered that my blood pressure was dropping like 20 pts when I stand up. Apparently that’s … Continue reading Sidetracked…


Yesterday was a full on migraine day. I was so sick. I got hit at about 12:30 in the afternoon out of nowhere, but I maybe should have known one was coming since I couldn’t get myself out of bed yesterday morning. That’s usually the first sign. I got slammed with this headache and my … Continue reading Migraines!!!