The Queen

I woke up today to news that The Queen is not doing well. I know I’m an American, but this woman reminds me so much of my late grandmother. I’m just sad. I’ve traveled across the U.K. and I love the people there. I know people have varying opinions about the royal family, and that’s … Continue reading The Queen

Messed up

My friend is getting evicted from her apartment. Let me tell you why this is crap. Did she technically violate the terms of her lease? Absolutely. The thing is, she doesn’t always understand things and she doesn’t always know what’s going on with people. So, did she knowingly violate her lease? I mean, probably not. … Continue reading Messed up


My girl Debby was found passed away in her apartment this week. I am so very sad. I haven’t seen her in a while because she lived two hours away, but for fifteen years she was a constant presence in my life. She had a heart of gold and helped out everyone. Addiction is a … Continue reading Debby

I jumped.

I finally just told my friend not to contact me anymore. I did that yesterday. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I had to though. I mean, it just came down to my survival. I wasn’t going to make it if I continued to maintain ties to her. I would … Continue reading I jumped.