As good as it gets?

I had a friend ask me, “what if this is as good as your life gets?” I had a visceral reaction to that question. I got really upset. I want more from my life than the quasi-survival existence I have now. Maybe that is selfish. I don’t know. It could be unrealistic as well. I … Continue reading As good as it gets?

Priorities in therapy today

I have so much to cover in therapy today, and only an hour to do it in. I need to talk about how traumatic my experience being sick for three weeks in the hospital was. It kind of was awful. I need to talk to her about how I’m invalidating myself and now shelving my … Continue reading Priorities in therapy today

Still here…

It’s Saturday and I’m still in the hospital. I am still on a clear liquid diet as well. Haven’t really progressed very far. I did get into the shower today though because it had been a week, so yay for that. My hospital room has two windows so it’s very nice and I am blessed … Continue reading Still here…


I did it! I am showered and dressed and out and about. I am early to my doctor’s appointment so I’m sitting in my car listening to the radio and wishing that I had eaten breakfast. Oh well. I have so many things this week! Some are fun and some are just appointments, but I … Continue reading Showered!