Missing people

There are just some people who come into my life and leave such a lasting and indelible mark that I will never forget them. Sometimes, even when things are going well, I really miss them. I miss the conversations and the camaraderie. I miss the way their light shines and the way I feel when … Continue reading Missing people

Awake early!

I am up early because I have a therapy appointment first thing this morning. I tried to get myself into the shower this morning, (I carried my clothes into the bathroom and everything), but I just couldn’t do it. I am so tired. I had plenty of caffeine this morning, but I couldn’t get myself … Continue reading Awake early!


I am living in a weird split place. I am all at once completely stressed about my room and how messy it is and the work that is going to be involved to get it back to a livable state, and also able to shut that off and hang with friends at the same time. … Continue reading Dichotomy

Not packing.

I have at least done some laundry towards packing for this trip this weekend, but I am not actually placing things in a bag like I should be. It’s kind of ridiculous. I have no time on Friday to accomplish this task, so I pretty much have to get it done today and tomorrow. You’d … Continue reading Not packing.

Laundry day!

Woo-hoo! It’s my favorite day! Just kidding. I’m washing stuff so I can go up north this weekend to my cousin’s grandma’s 90th birthday party. Mostly, I’m going because my cousin’s husband is staying behind to take care of the puppy, (and I think he doesn’t want to go), and my cousin needs another adult … Continue reading Laundry day!


I woke up today with a headache that I’m hoping is from the weather. We have sort of an unsettled weather pattern with storms last night and more storms forecasted for tonight. I had a lot of fun with my cousin and her girls at the fireworks last night though. They were really nice. It … Continue reading Funk.