Too hot!

My church meets outside in the summer and today is just too hot for me to attend. I am sad about it, but I’m not going to go and overheat. I’m assuming that next week, because it’s supposed to be so hot, they will move it inside to the air conditioning. Then I can go. … Continue reading Too hot!

Church in the summertime

My church meets outside in the summer. It’s okay when it’s a nice day and not too hot. It’s kind of a picnic atmosphere and everyone brings their own chairs and blankets and just hangs out. It is a nice relaxed atmosphere. I really like it… I mean unless it’s super hot. My cousin came … Continue reading Church in the summertime

It’s morning…

I have bags under my eyes. It’s fantastic. I swear I got eight hours of sleep. I’m not sure why I’m so puffy this morning. I did have some pretty psychedelic dreams though. Whew! I don’t remember them very well, except that they were strange. It’s time for coffee for sure. Too bad the keurig … Continue reading It’s morning…

Broken stuff

If I had private insurance or a slew of money, I could get care right now for this eating disorder no questions asked. Instead, I have to jump through a zillion hoops and still probably not get help, or be so sick that I will likely be too sick. It’s really stupid. I’m not really … Continue reading Broken stuff

I made it to church!!!

I did not get a shower unfortunately, but I decided my hair didn’t look too terrible and I didn’t stink so… my church is a “come as you are” kind of place. I am here. That’s what matters. I need to get myself into the sanctuary still, but I’m here. Image from Pexels.