I like sleep.

I am tired and worn out again and I am so grateful to be back in my bed. Seriously. I love sleep. It’s funny because at different times in my life, I’ve hated sleep, or rather, the necessity of it. Now I am so happy to get rest, and enough of it, it’s almost silly. … Continue reading I like sleep.

I couldn’t do it

I’m usually super responsible. As in, I make appointments and things and I never miss them. Not today. I couldn’t do it. I woke up at eight and I was so tired and my head hurt again and I just didn’t want to deal with the day. I didn’t go to my ultrasound, (now I … Continue reading I couldn’t do it

My week is full!

I have so many things to do this week! I am volunteering again today. I am not thrilled about it, but I keep saying I’ll be there. I am trying to make myself stay motivated. It’s okay. It’s good for me. I need to be responsible. I am running a couple of errands today. It’s … Continue reading My week is full!