Taking a day.

Taking a day to put out fires and just relax. I’m thinking seriously about what my next steps are. Maybe I can do this grad program with a little bit of work on myself. Maybe I can’t. Maybe I can work a little job to start. Maybe I can’t. In any case, I’m just gonna … Continue reading Taking a day.

Guess whooo?

It’s me! I’m just being silly. I’m feeling that way because I got a whopping four hours of sleep last night. I was asleep by midnight, but I woke up at four like my hair was on fire. I’m not tired enough to go back to sleep. I don’t think this is going to end … Continue reading Guess whooo?

Corn Maze!!!!

I talked a friend into going to a corn maze with me this afternoon. The weather is PERFECT for fall activities. I’m pretty excited. I like to get lost in corn fields, so this is a perfect activity for me! I really just need a break. Mom is very sick and I am so stressed … Continue reading Corn Maze!!!!


Down or up I do not know I never know Which way I’ll go. In my bed For weeks on end My comfy bed My only friend Then like a switch From somewhere deep Suddenly there’s no way For me to sleep I do not know What to expect Or if I’m ready For what … Continue reading Trepidation