An attempt at a self portrait portraying my trapped feeling at the moment.  The things outside of the box are things that I feel like are unattainable for me right now. Obviously money and love but the blue rings represent community involvement and the yellow is supposed to be wings of freedom.  I have to … Continue reading Portrait 


This is a probably 18"x12" counter cross stitch piece my grandmother made me when I was in my early 20's. She spent close to a year on it I think.  She was an impeccable seamstress and was amazing with crafts. I'm fairly certain that any crafting/artistic ability I have at all, or any desire to … Continue reading Crafting

Art #4

I did this entirely with chalk pastels. I have no idea what I am doing with them, obviously.  It's supposed to be a sunset on Lake Michigan. I was obviously inspired by my little side trip yesterday.  It made me feel good to make it so again, that is the important part. I'm really looking … Continue reading Art #4


...tick...tock... Time is moving so slowly. Friday needs to just get here. I have a DBT assessment on Friday and I am feeling all kinds of terrified, curious, frustrated, extorted, and anxious.  I mostly am just anxious though. I hate that it is on Friday. Every hour is passing like dripping molasses off of a … Continue reading Clock


I was suddenly inspired to start creating art again. I cannot explain how weird this is given that I have not been able to even color in a coloring book due to crippling anxiety about finding the perfect color for each area. My aunt posted something yesterday morning that triggered this intense desire to get … Continue reading Art