Waiting at the salon…

I had to wait at the salon for my friend who does my hair. She had some issues with her kid which is totally understandable so I was happy to wait. I got my hair trimmed and it’s a little shorter than I thought it would be, but still very long. I am happy with … Continue reading Waiting at the salon…

19 hours

I slept for 19 hours and I still feel kinda gross. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I went and got my labs done Thursday and they were back to normal so it isn’t that. I just feel… worn down and my stomach feels topsy turvy. Just upside down. I’m not a fan. I … Continue reading 19 hours

Laid back 23rd

It turns out I have a sinus infection, which is not really how I planned to spend the holiday. I have some antibiotics and some other stuff, so I’m hoping the combination helps it from getting too much worse. It’s trying to move into my lungs, which is really annoying, so just trying to prevent … Continue reading Laid back 23rd

Awake early!

I am up early because I have a therapy appointment first thing this morning. I tried to get myself into the shower this morning, (I carried my clothes into the bathroom and everything), but I just couldn’t do it. I am so tired. I had plenty of caffeine this morning, but I couldn’t get myself … Continue reading Awake early!