Karma Chameleon

https://youtu.be/JmcA9LIIXWw My friend literally walks around singing songs all day. This morning, the first thing out of her mouth was this song. I cracked up laughing. We were listening to my 80's playlist last night, so it's probably my fault, still it's hilarious. I ❤️ my friends.



I'm fighting sleep. It's 5am. I drank nearly a pot of coffee at 11pm like an idiot, so it's my own fault. I kind of don't want to fall asleep and dream again either. At some point today, I need to make sure I get an adequate amount of sleep. My mood will just tank … Continue reading Bedtime?

Bad days

What do you do when your entire support network is having a bad day? It's like it's some kind of full moon or something. I am not sure exactly what to do about it. I know I am completely incapable of being a support for anyone right now. I want to be, but I'm so … Continue reading Bad days


This is bad art depicting my supports as glimmers of hope in the swirling darkness. It's oil pastels on chalk ones and I've never tried that before. Something new. Art by me.


I am so overwhelmed I feel numb. I am having a hard time accessing tears. I don't know why. That's usually not a problem. I just kind of want to find a rock and hide under it today. I have stuff to do though, and it's the kind of stuff I have to pretend to … Continue reading Numb

Stupid Limerick

There once was a girl who was sad, She couldn't stop herself from feeling bad. Everything felt like a trigger, Her problems seemingly kept getting bigger, And she couldn't find her way to glad.


My irritability is very high. I was trying to shop online with my mom earlier and I had zero patience for it. It was everything I could do not to smash the computer, especially when the site crashed. I am at my friend's house and there was a whole flock of kids outside just playing … Continue reading Grouchy