FORGOT!!! Song: Day 2

I completely forgot I was doing this. I picked Purple Rain ☔️ for Day 1. Here's Day 2



I am full of fear. It makes me stupid. I am not good at being rational or making good decisions when that happens. My beleaguered case manager tried to problem solve with me tonight. I wasn't able to get my head in the right space to go along with her. I feel really bad because … Continue reading Problems


I'm going to see my therapist this morning and I don't even know what to say. She can't do anything. Not really. She doesn't have some fairy wand to make all of this better and I don't even know where to start asking for help. I'm told that all of this has to come from … Continue reading Do?


Well gee whiz. Everything is AWESOME. I'm screwing up everything, but whatever. EVERYTHING IS FINE. Nothing to see here. I am supposed to figure this out on my own. I don't even know where to start (if someone says "the beginning" I won't laugh). I am frustrated and ashamed and afraid and feel guilty. It … Continue reading Fine


Made it to the upper peninsula last night. There were still a few tears, but I feel a lot more relaxed. It's a lot easier to stay in the moment when I'm in my favorite places. I am headed to see some waterfalls today. I'm dreading the cold, but looking foreword to the beauty. It … Continue reading U.P.


Sometimes I blog and I don't really think how it's going to come out. That's usually because I use blogging as a tool to help me work through how I'm feeling "in the moment" and I just kind of "spew" things onto the page. My brain is kind of trapped in an emotional place in … Continue reading Clarification


I'm not sure if I screwed myself with the nap I took earlier, or if I'm too excited about heading up north, or if anxiety is getting the better of me, but I cannot sleep for crap. This is me WIDE awake. Pretty sure that coffee I drank at midnight is probably not helping... I … Continue reading Insomnia!!!


How do you guys feel about looking back at old blog posts? I tend to be a "one way" girl, meaning that I don't really spend any time looking back at where I've been on my blog. Most of the reasoning behind that is because it would be pretty painful to relive some of the … Continue reading Back