The wind blowing gently through her hair, As she stands calmly upon the edge, Not much to take her from there, Or nudge her neatly off the ledge. Image from Pixabay.



Our Christmas tree is not fully down yet. I know! In fairness, my mom has been recovering from being sick and I have not felt like tackling the project on my own. It feels like I have had enough projects without adding that deal all by myself to the mix. For the last week, we … Continue reading Ornaments!

Slug 🐌

There once was a brain in mud, That felt just like a slug. Fighting to think Deeper it'd sink Into the thickening sludge. Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Agile Image from Pixabay


I don't really have much to say today. I know, shocker. Depression and sadness have stolen all of my words. I went to lunch with a friend, but that honestly made things worse even though I love her. I just am going to curl up in my bed and try to sleep until I have … Continue reading Silence


No joke. It's still snowing. Weirdly I can also see the sun trying to peak through the clouds, so it's not snowing hard, but it's still snowing. I'm so over this winter. I have some coupons so I decided to come to the store this morning to look for some self-care items. Since I don't … Continue reading Still!


I haven't been lifting weights, but I can definitely tell I'm using muscles that haven't been used in a long time. Wow. I'm not super sore, but I can surely feel that they are there. It's kind of an interesting experience actually, given that I've been essentially inactive for so long. It oddly feels good. … Continue reading Muscles