Easter 🐣

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! This is me on Easter sometime in the early 80's. I used to love getting the new dress, hat and gloves and going to church on Easter Sunday. I also appreciated the basket full of goodies and the fun of hunting for eggs, I won't lie. Easter is one … Continue reading Easter 🐣



We went to a tourist trap gold mine. So much fun! It was also beautiful. Here's a couple of pictures of the inside of the mine: I will admit to some claustrophobia inside of the mine for a while. Anxiety was pretty high, but I breathed through it and managed to have fun with my … Continue reading Golden!


In the foothills of the Georgia mountains in a town named Dahlonega. It's a cute little tourist town and I like it up here. My Dad used to live 20 minutes away from here when I briefly lived with him, and I came up here occasionally to take in the mountain air. It's a rainy, … Continue reading Foothills


In a weird turn of fate, the woman who gave me the bear I posted about here and here when I was very small, I am now related to through my stepmom. She is my stepmom's cousin and my Dad worked in the same building as she did when I was small. He also ended … Continue reading Fate


This is a plate full of Pandebono. Short of my stepmom's empanadas, these are my favorite things. My Dad made them for breakfast and they were amazing. I think these may have suffered from a bit too long in the oven to tell the truth, (hence all of the cracks), but they still tasted great. … Continue reading Yumminess!


Omgosh. My stepmom is originally from Colombia and she is an amazing cook. She made empanadas last night out of the oxtails she made the night before. I didn't think she could top the oxtails, but I was wrong. So good. Colombian empanadas are different than Mexican ones in ways that are hard to describe. … Continue reading Empanadas!


Despite being in the south and in the sun this afternoon, I am just down. I have a headache and I really just want to curl up in bed. I know that isn't the healthiest thing for me to do, and I so rarely get to see my Georgia family that I don't want to … Continue reading Despite


I am in Georgia! Yay! So far, I'm just chilling out and hanging out with my Dad while he works. It's supposed to be around 80 today, so I can definitely see myself sitting outside of his office with my book today. I didn't come all the way down here to freeze in air conditioning. … Continue reading South