I decided to Partake in some extra sleep this morning. I was really tired. We've been in the car for hours nearly every day that I've been here. I'm not complaining because I've seen some really cool things, but it's worn me out. I dreamt of my friend David last night though. We were just … Continue reading Dreams…



I packed this new dress for Sunday church, but apparently my Dad is giving the keynote address at some college awards ceremony tonight. THANKFULLY, I packed something suitable to wear because we would not have had time to shop. I sort of don't know the plan from one hour to the next, so things just … Continue reading Gratitude


This is sunrise on the beach in Hilton Head. It's much colder this morning at about 53 degrees, but I have a sweatshirt and I'm from Michigan so it doesn't scare me. I have the entire beach essentially to myself though. That may also be due to the fact that it is 6:30am. I don't … Continue reading Sunrise


This is the view from where I am sitting in the South Carolina sun on Hilton Head. It's gorgeous. There is a nice breeze and I'm getting fried like a crispy critter. I love it. My Georgia family is used to running around like chickens with their heads cut off all of the time. Me … Continue reading View


I failed the driving exam because I couldn't Parallel park. I had to drive extra time with my parents and I still couldn't do it when it came time to get my permit. The instructor took pity on me and gave me my permit anyway saying, "don't go anywhere you have to parallel park!" To … Continue reading Secret


It's so beautiful here. There are squares everywhere that are full of trees and benches and loveliness. Most of the history here is Revolution era vs Civil War since no Civil War battles were fought here. Since I'm fascinated by the Colonial and Revolutionary periods, I'm kind of in heaven. It's amazing. I can't wait … Continue reading Savannah

Goals Hiatus

Since this curvy girl is on vacay and has limited control over my daily activities, I won't be posting goals for a week. I will resume them on the 25th. In the meantime, I will be posting from my vacation. Love to all! ❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️ Image from Wikipedia.