Okay. For real. My freaking side hurts. I saw my doctor today and he ordered labs and my pancreatic enzymes are more than seven times the normal value. They gave me an option of doing a CT scan today or waiting until Friday to see where the levels were then, but I really don't want … Continue reading Sicko.

Day 58

(Not an actual image of my ancient car)... I have things to do today, per usual. I have to meet with my doctor today for another ER follow up due to some left upper quadrant abdominal pain and nausea. I have had this before and it was pancreatitis, but my levels in the ER weren't … Continue reading Day 58


Do you know what I love? Long naps. For real, they are the best things ever. When I was a kid, I refused to take naps because I thought I was missing something. Umm, duh. I was missing the awesomeness that was a good nap. It's hard for me to sleep usually, so when I … Continue reading Awesomesauce.

Day 57

It keeps raining. I feel like I should be looking for a guy with a long beard building an ark. It's kind of ridiculous. Anyway, rain not withstanding, I woke up in a pretty good mood. I'm definitely tired, but I'm okay. I am in pain from whatever is wrong with my side, (I think … Continue reading Day 57


This is a picture of my grandparents on my grandma's 90th birthday, eight years ago. She is no longer with us, but I like to think about how happy she was on this day and remember that she fought hard to get there. Her doctor told her she wouldn't see 90 because she was fighting … Continue reading 98

Day 56

I have a bunch of errands to run today. I need to get a splint for my wrist so that my hand can stop going numb. I need to get some prescriptions filled. I need to pick up a new mask and some other things that got ordered for me. I also have my med … Continue reading Day 56

Day 55

It's a Netflix kind of day. It's so gloomy outside. I can see a nap in my future. I mean, I'd like to clean and get some things done, and I think it'd be a good idea to go to the grocery store, but I don't think that's probably going to happen. I'm kind of … Continue reading Day 55


It's just the kind of day to sit in the backyard with my friend's dog and blow bubbles. It's so pretty! I'm not manic, but I am simply happy. Its been honestly a really long time since I've been able to pinpoint "joy." Sure, there are things that are bothersome to me, and everything is … Continue reading Joy.


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... It's so nice outside!!!!!! I'm so happy! I just want to sit outside in the sun and soak it all up! Yay! I am not exactly sure what's happening today yet, but I know I'm spending part of my day outside. Inhale....exhale.... Finally. It's SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't really … Continue reading Sunny.

Day 54

I'm totally obsessed with the Netflix version of this show. It's awesome. I've been bingeing it with my friend for days. It's great because they help people in a bunch of areas of their lives and it's really heartwarming. Anyway, today we are supposed to have pretty decent weather, even though it's pretty cloudy this … Continue reading Day 54