I went up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on vacation, (hence my silence for a few days), and toured almost the whole thing. I could have driven to Florida and back with as many miles as I put on my car, and I never left my home state. It was beautiful. The top pic … Continue reading Wild.

Day 105

Yesterday I drove and drove and drove some more, (and never left my home state)! I probably drove ten hours in total, but it was worth it. My friend got to see some things in the eastern upper peninsula that she had never seen, and I got to enjoy them all over again through her … Continue reading Day 105

Day 103

In 24 hours, I will be well on my way up north, (God willing)! I'm so excited! It almost doesn't feel real. Currently, it's a little after 6 a.m. here and I'm enjoying my morning coffee with my cat on the deck. We are trying to get our "outside" time in before it's too hot. … Continue reading Day 103

Day 102

It's Independence Day! My favorite holiday! I kind of wish I could celebrate it by doing something civilly disobedient like opening a business or something, but I can't so... I'm going to help my friend do some deep cleaning. Yay! Then I'm probably going to head to bed early so I can set my sleep … Continue reading Day 102

Day 101

Well, I didn't really sleep very well again. It took me forever to fall asleep last night and I woke up super early again, (I've been doing that for a couple of weeks). I suspect that my limited sleep in the last couple of days has to do with my nicotine replacement, but if I … Continue reading Day 101

Day 100

This is my second morning waking up and doing things smoke-free! It's also the 100th day since our governor locked everything down. I'm celebrating one of those. Today, I'm organizing things for my trip in a serious kind of way because I'm headed to a friend's house until probably Sunday morning. I don't want to … Continue reading Day 100


I have gone 30 hours without a cigarette. It's a pretty big deal. I am serious about it this time. I don't want to be a smoker. It smells bad, tastes gross, and most importantly- costs about a zillion dollars. It also irritates other people around me and it isn't what God has planned for … Continue reading Quitter.


Just an update from Michigan: Even though we're allegedly "one of the best states for coronavirus in the country" based on what our governor says- allegedly because of her threatening all of us with jail time- she just announced she is closing our bars. I mean... I don't really drink, but I like to have … Continue reading Backwards.

Day 98

I'm feeling marginally better today, but I'm really restless. I met with my friend that I'm going up north with early this morning and we planned a little more and went to breakfast. I also went to the library! It finally opened this week, so I was able to turn in my library book that … Continue reading Day 98


I'm always seemingly doing the wrong thing. I hate this stupid pandemic. I hate this stupid 90°+ heat. I hate that I can't just quit smoking. I am frustrated. Today is not a good day. Image from Pexels.