The 10th…

A favorite memory? I think, while again it is incredibly difficult to choose, I’ll try to pick just the one… I pick birthdays with my mom as a kid for my favorite “together time.” She made yummy snacks that most moms didn’t the patience for, and was into making everything a teachable moment. Really though, … Continue reading The 10th…


What you did Broke my heart Scattered it into A zillion shards And you think It’s all about you When you in Reality you blew Apart so many Lives in the Blink of an Eye and you Still can’t see What you’ve done To just me Let alone to Your friends who Would go to … Continue reading Attempt.


I can’t. I can’t write this paper. I can’t do the hard things. I can’t function like a normal adult. I can’t even shower on a regular basis. I can’t keep my space clean. I can’t even keep it sanitary. I can’t remember the last time I felt joy. I can’t. Older original art by … Continue reading can’t.

Unfinished poem

Sitting on my bed Ghosts dancing in my head Talking to the shadows on the floor And the monsters opposite the door. The fire raging in my brain Dreams going down the drain Sadness overtakes me And I can no longer see. Through the fog of depression And walls of oppression The stars are occluded … Continue reading Unfinished poem

Fractured heart

A fractured heart pulled apart by a broken mind and I want a sign that it’ll be okay. Crying everyday. Wishing it away. Knowing it’s a part of having a heart and living this way. One day the stars will heal these scars and I’ll be whole with a complete soul and these cracks will … Continue reading Fractured heart


Maybe you’ll see it’s not about me and all that I do has always been you. Crying all night tired of the fight Tears made of blood We’re stuck in the mud. And honey I’d tear down every wall Unlock every chain and Fight every man in this small town But, baby I fear we’re … Continue reading breakdown


In a weird turn of fate, the woman who gave me the bear I posted about here and here when I was very small, I am now related to through my stepmom. She is my stepmom's cousin and my Dad worked in the same building as she did when I was small. He also ended … Continue reading Fate

Flashlight 🔦

Ponytail giving away how much The body has lost its care. Wrinkles and folds line the clothing everywhere. An active mind gone blank Lost in space. Tee shirt catching water From a tear-stained face. Fear rules over each new choice and move. Old scars and wounds Are hard to soothe. Blackness replaces every moment That … Continue reading Flashlight 🔦

Hope (A Poem)

Holding on for another day Hoping that there's another way Through the darkness that consumes the light And only seems to dissipate at night With the unconsciousness of sleep and dreaming Even though during daylight my mind is teaming With thoughts from everywhere about everything And even the walls are beginning to sing Maybe I'm … Continue reading Hope (A Poem)