When I don’t wanna stress…

…but I clearly am anyway,

My stepdad is buzzing around the house because we don’t have hot water.

I think I solved that with him this morning and freed him from the box that he was thinking in. Allegedly, the different plumbing company is coming tomorrow afternoon with a new hot water heater of the appropriate size and is installing it.


Meanwhile, my friend who is kind of a mess, (but a lovable one), is not answering their phone today. I’m assuming they are still sleeping, but I don’t know that and I’m weighing driving out there just to check on them. I don’t really have the emotional energy today to do that, but I’m worried.

So yeah.

I just want to throw up if I’m honest.

I feel so stressed.

It is what it is I guess.

Image from Pexels.


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