Me and my Dad…

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

I am a huge fan of the Great American Road Trip.

This might be a two hour adventure to grandma’s house or across the country, but I’m here for it either way.

When I was twelve, my Dad moved to California while I stayed in Michigan with my Mom. This meant that I had to either fly to California or ride in a car with my Dad to get out there to see him.

The first time I went, I flew, and that was okay, but I really enjoyed our first road trip.

We had driven to Florida and Utah and Colorado when I was younger with my Mom navigating, (before GPS), but this was the first long trip with just me and my Dad.

We dropped down and took I-40 because it was the closest to Route 66 and saw a lot of cool things.

I feel like that was the same trip that he took me down the Vegas Strip for the first time. I was fifteen so I couldn’t go in any casinos, but it was at night and the lights and people were incredible.

We saw the Grand Canyon as well and I will never forget that either.

It was definitely worth the drive.

To this day, I’m a typical midwesterner and I will drive anywhere within eighteen hours or so rather than fly because it’s easier and it’s just more pleasurable to be in my vehicle than in an aircraft.

Thanks, Dad.


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