I seriously can’t…

My stepdad just came running up the stairs and pounded on my door because my mom was crumpled on the floor next to her bed.

Now, she was just exhausted and couldn’t get from the living room to the bedroom without falling down from exhaustion, but I still don’t know what my stepdad expected me to do about it.

I wanted to call an ambulance for a “lift assist” to come get her off of the floor. Because duh… she can’t lay there.

I said that and my mom perked up and started shuffling her way around the bed to her side on her knees. Then, with help, she managed to stand up and walk and get in bed.

Really? Really? First, if she could do that, ugh. Second, she (and my stepdad), are so freaking cheap that they don’t want to pay for an ambulance call for a lift assist because she has landed on her butt that she will somehow rise from dire straights to get herself back up??

Ugh to that too.

Monday I’m asking them to look into an ambulance contract (ambulances are not free in the US and not covered by most insurances for things like lift assists).

Anyway, just frustrated.

Image from Pexels.


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