Ready to get my green on!

I’m ready to go!

My university’s, (or my alma mater I guess), basketball team won their first March Madness game today. Go Green!!!!! (The colors of the school are green and white).

I am very happy about that. I’m only a basketball fan during March Madness, but Michigan State always makes it to March so I always have to watch.

I am also heading out here shortly to pick up my friend to celebrate her birthday. I’m pretty excited about that. We haven’t been “out on the town” in a long time. I even broke out my black dress pants and put on make up!!!’

So yeah. Just hoping to have a fun night and not get hit by any drunk drivers. That’s the goal.

Have a good one! Celebrate responsibly!


4 thoughts on “Ready to get my green on!

    1. We had an excellent time! We went to a Mexican restaurant, (a kind of odd choice for St. Patrick’s Day I know), and it was amazing! Very authentic and lovely atmosphere.


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