Home now.

Mom is… okay. She is also home and sleeping now.

I don’t know. I just feel fried. I was so worried.

Her CT scan and labs came back normal and her blood pressure went down some so they let us go home.

I was kind of super freaking out when she asked me where she was and didn’t know. That was not okay with me.

I ate junk Taco Bell for dinner with my stepdad because honestly, neither of us could muster the energy to cook something healthier and we are both just roasted.

My poor stepdad doesn’t know what to do with the emergency room so it’s even harder on him I expect. As most of you know who read my blog, I essentially live there so… not so hard on me.

I am in wicked pain from eating the Taco Bell though so, I don’t know. I’m clearly not going back to the ER today. Just not.

I need to make sure my mom is okay.

I’ll probably be okay tomorrow.

If not, I’ll deal with it then.

Anyway, thanks to those who read my earlier post!

Love to all.


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