Day 2986

I seriously cannot tell you how discouraging it is to still be throwing up after being out of the hospital for four days.

I can’t even hold water down this morning.

It’s really annoying.

I don’t want to go back to the hospital, so I’m just staying put.

I decided that I need to go back to the hospital diet of “nothing by mouth” for a couple of days, even though that’s really hard for me.

I just feel so bad.

I haven’t taken a shower since I was in the hospital last week and weekend. I don’t even remember which day that was, but I know I need one desperately. I just feel so gross.

I am having trouble dealing with this nonsense. It’s Friday. The emergency room will be a literal nightmare. I just can’t with it.

I am tired. I am sick. I don’t know how to stop either. I can’t sleep anymore because I did that for three days.

I just want to cry.

This is doing no favors for my mood either…

Oh well. Gonna try to sleep.

Image from Pexels.


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