I’m out of the hospital, finally.

I still feel kind of terrible if I’m honest.

I am so thirsty and I can’t seem to make the pain in my side calm down.

I was on iv fluids until this morning, so now that I’m responsible for hydrating myself, I’m not doing quite as good of a job.

I am cold still and I think that the four hours of broken sleep I got last night is not helping me regulate any of my bodily systems.

I am exhausted, but afraid to go to sleep this late in the afternoon, (it’s almost five here), because it will just screw up my sleep even more.

It wouldn’t matter, but I’ve got to get to a dental cleaning tomorrow morning, so I can’t just sleep in.


I also am super worried about a friend who has a history of attempts and is not doing well right now. I called this person’s therapist and case manager to let them know this person was not doing well and now I have to leave it in their hands. I just hate not being able to do anything about it. I’m just still too sick/medicated to do anything myself.

My mom says I’m still very pale and look “sick.” I guess. I just have too much to do this week to be sick. I’d like to sleep until Thursday, but that is not happening.

Oh well.

It’s good to be in my own bed.

Image from Pexels.


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