Oh for goodness sake

It’s 2 am and I am awake.

I fell asleep around 9, so I’m not sure what the problem is with my brain.

I need sleep.

I want to go to church in the morning, but I mean, I can’t go if I am snoring in my chair.

This thing? This thing where I wake up in the middle of the night and stay up because I can’t sleep hasn’t happened in sooooo long, I forgot about it honestly.

There are probably 200 posts about it here on my blog from a couple of years ago, but things have been better, my sleep has been better, and I haven’t been as episodic honestly.

Well, I wasn’t.

I guess it’s probably to be expected after being in the hospital sick for almost a month. There were bound to be repercussions. I just don’t like them.

So yeah.

Just living the dream here.

I’m sure I will fall back to sleep eventually.

I’m just hoping it’s not during the sermon tomorrow…


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