No sleep? No problem!

Guess what? Guess where I was last night? You’ll never get it…

That’s right! I was in the emergency room!

This time however, I had just gotten to sleep at about 2:30 AM when my mom texted me from her room to tell me that she and my stepdad needed help.

Her blood pressure was out of control high and she had a terrible headache.

So we immediately packed her up and headed for the ER.

My parents see me as an “expert” of sorts on the emergency room so of course I had to go.

Thankfully, she’s home and doing much better this morning, but I got zilch for sleep.

I have to see my therapist and psych today as well as my doctor, so it’s a long day.

Pray I make it through. Thank God I have caffeinated water…

Photo by me.


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