Feeding tube?

Okay. So, every little thing that hits my stomach puts me in extreme pain.

Like I want to scream and cry.

I tried to eat cream of wheat today and I just about doubled over.

I worked really hard at not throwing it up.

I am beyond frustrated.

Then the doctor comes in today and says because I haven’t been eating for six days or whatever I need to have a feeding tube placed.


I’m not trying to not eat.

I’m just in crazy pain when I do.

I am so upset.

I don’t know. Just scared. This is a disaster.


I’m not okay.

Photo by me.

4 thoughts on “Feeding tube?

    1. Aww! Welcome! I am doing better than I was when I had that feeding tube!! I am out of town right now to get a special kind of MRI so hopefully they can figure out what is wrong with me! Thanks for visiting!


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