Okay, so call me weird

I’m actually looking forward to my very busy day.

I know that vacuuming the church is an act of service that I’m blessed to be healthy enough to be able to complete. I wasn’t last week.

Thank God I am this week.

I am so excited to see my friend for lunch.

Then I have an appointment with my dietican and honestly, I have some stuff to talk about with her.

Then, I get to see an old friend who just happens to also be the woman who cuts my hair, (how fun is that?). I’m just getting a trim and it will take like 15 minutes, but it’s still nice to see her.

Then tonight is Bible study. I’m looking foreword to that too.

Sooooo…. Yeah. All good things actually.

Yesterday, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things I had to do today, but this morning I’m feeling pretty ready.

Bring it on!


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