Tired of pancreatic sickness…

I was kind of hoping I would have a different day nurse today. Oh well. She’s very nice, just kind of nervous all the time, which makes anxious.

I’m doing my best here, I am.

The doctor wants me to use less iv medication. I want to tell him, “then do something to help first then!” I don’t though. I just wait until I am digging holes through my hands with my nails because my fists are clenched so tightly from pain and then I ask for help.

This nurse is trying, I can tell. I think she has too many patients. So, when I need something it’s a 45 minute wait for it.

I’m not a fan.

Whatever. I am essentially terrified of the pain and nausea. It has almost paralyzed me.

I don’t even know where to begin at this point.

Just scared and sick and hating things.


2 thoughts on “Tired of pancreatic sickness…

  1. I dread every hospital visit I’ve ever had and the ones to come. The only friendliness I ever receive is from medical staff, but the inadequate care I receive doesn’t match the smiles on their faces and the kind tone of voice. Now, every medical visit I have I wear my t-shirt, “Normal Isn’t Coming Back, Jesus Is. Revelation 14.” At least I’m suffering for something. I understand what you are going through, and I feel for you Wiseheart.

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