Got some stuff done…

I took a bunch of trash out of my room and bathroom today, (not sure where it all came from!).

I also got a couple of loads of laundry done.

I played a trivia game online for a while and caught up with some friends.

I think I did a pretty good job!

I am feeling kind of accomplished if I do say so. I guess I feel like I could have done more, but I know I did some, and I’m happy that I put some work in today even though I was kind of a bum for part of the day.

It was a definite improvement over yesterday.

I also called and left a message with the nurses at my psych’s office to ask if I could continue on the new med that was supposed to be “just for the holidays.” It has helped so much. I feel like I am able to do things and get things accomplished, whereas before I had a hard time even thinking about them. I don’t know what my psych will decide, but I’m praying she continues it until I see her at the end of the month.

I have an appointment out of town this week that is a couple hours away. It’s with my pancreatic specialist and I’m hoping that he can help. I’m getting tired of being scared of the pain and having weird labs come back. I need to get online and do the paperwork for that appointment tonight still.

Otherwise, yeah. It’s been a pretty good day. I hope all of you have had good days as well!!!


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