Trying to avoid the ER

I am pretty sure I have something else along with this sinus infection because I woke up hacking up a lung at 4:30 this morning.

So, I made an appointment at the urgent care near my house for this afternoon because I really didn’t want to go to the emergency room the day after Christmas on a Monday. I figure it’s probably a zoo and I know I wouldn’t be able to get into my doctor’s office today.

There are about 986 people at this urgent care today. Exaggerating, but it’s so full I’m waiting in my car for my appointment (they are supposed to text me when it’s my turn).

I am glad I showed up early. I’m feeling really anxious. I am beyond done with being sick and I have so many things to do this week.

I’m also worried about my pancreas. My side kind of hurts so I got my lipase drawn before I came to urgent care, just to check to make sure things are okay.

I really just want to be healthy.

My friend who stayed with us this week is going home today and I have to take them home. I don’t feel well and there’s a chance pipes could be frozen and broken and I don’t know if I have it in me to help with that.

I mean, I guess I’ll have to.

I just don’t feel well and would rather be in my bed tonight is all.

Sounds selfish, but I really just need to sleep and rest and do alone things to recharge.

Oh well.


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