So apparently we are expecting a blizzard.

Color me thrilled.

My dad postponed his trip up here because of it. I am actually a little grateful because I don’t think I would have seen much of him while he was here because of the weather.

Hopefully, he can schedule a better time and a little longer visit than before and I can get to see him and his wife for real.

I just don’t like being housebound. It freaks me out. It’s been forever since they’ve actually banned people from driving because of the snow, but I could see it happening if the weather turns out to be what they are saying it could be.

I certainly don’t want to drive in it anyway.

I have all I need and our house has a natural gas generator if the power goes out that kicks on automatically. Thank God. They are saying that many people could lose power because of the winds.

So… yeah. Good times.

Stupid weather.

Image from Pexels.


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