New meds!

My psych and I talked about it and she added a low dose of another antidepressant, (I’m already on one, but this is kind of a seasonal boost that is meant to be temporary).

I’m hopeful it will help.

I have been on it before, but it was 30 years ago. I am hoping that means I won’t have any strange reactions.

I’m still exhausted from not getting enough sleep yesterday.

I’m trying to function.

I’m at the lab right now waiting to get blood drawn for a lab I was supposed to get drawn a week ago. Oops.

Oh well. It’s just to see if my liver values have gone down since I was in the hospital, so I mean, I’m sure they have by now…

It’s busy here. I’m gonna be waiting forever. I really want a nap.

Oh well…

Image from Pexels.


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