When you can’t find stupid cookie ingredients…

…you go to the Asian market.

I was looking for, what we in the Midwest call “chow Mein noodles.” I was acutely informed today by the sweet Asian lady at the market that these are not, in fact, those.

Usually, I would just go to the regular “American” grocery store and buy them, but they were out.

So, why do I need them? To make haystack butterscotch and chocolate cookies of course!

You should have seen me in this market trying to explain to this lady what I needed…

After many attempts at saying “chow mein” and her dragging me to the refrigerator section, I explained that I was looking for “fried noodles to put chocolate on.”

You should have seen her face! It was priceless.

Anyway, eventually, I googled what I was looking for, (the American version), and showed her and she took me right to what I needed!

It was awesome!

Adventures in cooking!

Photo by me.


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