Kind of having a bad day

Okay. So. I’ve been sick for two months pretty much.

I’m tired.

It’s played out.

I know I’m supposed to be the “good little soldier” and no one likes to see sick people complain.


I’m complaining.

I have this STUPID med that I have to take throughout every meal that tastes awful and makes me run to the bathroom 6,000 times a day.

I don’t even think it’s helping the pancreatitis. That’s the worst part.

My side still freaking hurts. I’m learning to live with that as a part of life now.

I eat = I hurt.

You’d think I wouldn’t eat anymore, but I can’t stop doing that for real so…

My mood is garbage because of all of this. I know I should be more wise minded about it, but I’m throwing a tantrum like a toddler.



4 thoughts on “Kind of having a bad day

    1. Nothing terrible. Stuff I like: Veggies and fruit, beans and nuts, chicken and fish, eggs and dairy. Just limiting fats and no red meat or like pastries etc. Which is fine. I don’t need those.

      I’m a little bummed about the no red meat thing because I DO enjoy a good steak on a rare occasion, but it’s okay.

      So yeah.


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