Thank goodness I have therapy today…

I am a little overwhelmed by how many times I’ve been in the hospital. Really.

It feels like I’ve spent the last two months in there.

I’m also worried about a friend who’s going through testing to see if they have pancreatic cancer. This person is not even 40 yet. It’s super scary. I am worried and also it’s kind of like looking into my future because if I keep getting pancreatitis it could be me…

So yeah.

I am just glad I have therapy today.

I also have just basic stuff like my bedroom to talk about. My mom is threatening me with “hoarder helpers” if I don’t have it clean by Christmas. Seriously.

It’s not that bad. She’s just a fan of living in a space that looks like no one lives in it. I cannot keep things that neat. No one actually lives like that. I swear. She’s completely ridiculous.

Anyway, I will clean it. It will be spotless on Christmas Day.

It’s just pressure I didn’t need during the holiday season.

Oh well.

Again, thank God for therapy.

Image from Pexels.


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