The 28th…

A game:

Hands down I have to say the card game “UNO” is a game I’m very grateful for.

I have so many good memories that involve that game.

Some of my earliest ones involve me and my cousins playing with grandma at the cottage on the front porch. I was the youngest so they were as ALWAYS assigned to be score keeper so I could practice my math.

I used that same “math practicing” tactic on children that were in my life and I have great memories with them.

I played UNO with my other grandmother when she was fighting leukemia in the hospital.

I have played UNO on beaches while camping, while on road trips and while waiting for things to “happen” while I was outside with friends and family.

I’m definitely grateful for this game.

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4 thoughts on “The 28th…

  1. …I play UNO every Sunday with the kids and their grandparents, it’s a great game. Every once in awhile we’ll change it up and play Skip-BO (, which is totally different, but just as much fun. I think card games are only as fun as the people who are playing them… my step-father makes the games fun for the kids, he’s good like that.

    For myself, I’d say the game I’m grateful for is ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. My mother bought me my first game for Christmas when I was about 12-years old. I played fairly regularly until I was twenty. It was a great way of making friends.

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    1. Oh I love Skip-BO too! So much fun! It sounds like you are making great memories with the kids!

      I never really got into dungeons and dragons, but I had a lot of friends that did. It always seemed really cool.

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