Black Friday!

It’s THAT day.

The day that traditionally retailers in the States go into the “black” for the year on their financial ledgers due to holiday shopping.

It’s almost a holiday of its own now and a day that, admittedly I dreaded when I worked retail.

People are willing to do some really mean things to get THE item.

At the same time, so much has changed since I had those early jobs.

Like many people, I did my Black Friday shopping today online.

No lines.

Lots of sales.

Still had fun.

I scored a decent deal on two different Apple products, (which really never go “on sale” as everyone knows), and found some pjs and a couple other things.

While in fairness, today was more about what I needed, Cyber Monday is going to be when I snag a couple of things for friends.

I actually have a lot of my Christmas shopping already done, so I just have to grab a few items to be finished.

Also today my stepdad and I cleaned up from Thanksgiving yesterday and I rested because I was simply exhausted.

I am trying to figure out what restaurants are open on Christmas so we don’t have to cook again….

Image from Pexels.


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