Thanksgiving rush!!!!

I started my day with three cups of coffee and have been running ever since!

I got two jello salads made yesterday, (yes I am from the Midwest and we can fight about jello salad!).

I helped my stepdad get the squash ready today and started working on setting the table, (my friend and I are going to finish that this evening).

I helped my mom get her shower and dried her hair and got her situated while my stepdad got the potatoes prepared for tomorrow.

I helped my stepdad get the old Apple TV hooked up in the rec room.

I’m taking a small little break before my friend gets here and we have to start on the table.


I’m a little overwhelmed.

On top of all of this my mom has been having really scary blood pressure spells so we have been having to make sure she stays out of the preparations and stays low and slow.

I just want everyone to have a nice Thanksgiving.

Including me.

Can’t remember where this image came from but I’m sure I cited it when I used it before…


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