The 21st…

Something about your job:

Well… I mean I don’t have one so I guess I’m grateful for that?

I mean sometimes.

Sometimes I am frustrated that I cannot figure out how to stay in a job like a “normal” person. It’s very difficult for me.

I am terrified of my future because of this. It’s really hard to imagine what life looks like beyond my parents.

I don’t know.

I’m just terrified really.

Image from fb.


3 thoughts on “The 21st…

  1. I’ve been on Disability for… holy crap, almost fifteen years now. When I was working, I was a reporter. Mostly tech stuff, and Internet privacy issues. Best job in the world, everyday was something different, plus the opportunities to meet people and get to hang out backstage at Important Events and other stuff. I miss it all the time.

    I still take photos for the local paper, so I’m grateful for that opportunity.

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    1. That sounds awesome! I’m glad you still get to take pictures for the paper! That sounds really interesting in an of itself.

      I just haven’t found anything that is stable for me. I’ve been on disability for about that long myself.

      It’s just hard to sort out.

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