I never thought I’d say this..

…but I really feel like relapsing pancreatitis has beaten out the mental illness (bipolar 1) that I live with, in terms of disruption to my life.

I mean, I definitely have to “manage” the mental illness with appointments and rarely hospital stays and daily meds, but it’s not the same.

Pancreatitis hurts so much and I have to still go to appointments and go to the hospital way more often and now I have to take meds every time I eat anything as well as change my entire diet. It’s far more disruptive.

I don’t know. When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I couldn’t imagine that there was anything aside from cancer or something like it that would be this bad.

Man was I wrong.

I don’t mean to be such a whiner. I know I’m supposed to be better at this. I know no one wants to hear sick people complain. I know.

I’m just angry. I’m so angry. I’m having a hard time.


Image from Pexels.


4 thoughts on “I never thought I’d say this..

  1. People don’t realise how debilitating pancreatitis is. It shut down my wife’s whole body when she got it. She now has a severe acquired brain injury, this is a very rare thing to happen. If you are on meds it won’t happen to you. She didn’t know she had it. I hope you feel better soon.

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