The 16th and 17th…

16th: something that makes you laugh- I guess this would be my friend’s dog. He is goofy and makes me giggle all of the time. I really like dogs, (even though I love my kitty), and I enjoy my relationship with her dog.

17th: a sound- currently I am grateful for Taylor Swift because I am listening to her with my parents and I am eternally grateful for them and everything (actually all of) my parents do for me.

Image from Facebook.


4 thoughts on “The 16th and 17th…

  1. …I don’t really laugh out loud much, but I do find lots of stuff to be funny. ‘Charlie The Unicorn’, for example.

    For a sound that I’m grateful for, I’ll pick Etta James… anything off of her 1961 album ‘At Last!’. I usually play it while I’m writing. That and a whole lot of Pink Floyd, but Etta is special.

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    1. Etta is amazing! Good taste! I also love Pink Floyd. I think ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ is hilarious. I giggle at most episodes of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Thanks for the reply!

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