It’s hard to tell in this picture how hard it’s snowing. You’ll just have to trust me that it’s snowing pretty hard.

We have a winter storm warning.


I would be more excited about it if I didn’t have places to go tomorrow.

I have therapy and, thankfully, a follow up appointment with my PCP’s office from being in the hospital. That medical appointment was originally next Wednesday, but I feel pretty wicked still so I called today and they moved it up.

Hopefully, since I don’t have to be out and about until late morning tomorrow the road crews will have time to clear some of this. The warning goes through Saturday, but the crews don’t usually do too much plowing in the middle of the night. I have to hope that their morning runs help me out.

Anyway, for now I’m introducing my parents to T Swift’s Midnights album. I think soon I’m going to sleep.

Night all!

Photo by me.


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