The 11th and 12th…

A smell: that would be lilac. Lilac bushes are my favorite things and lilacs are my favorite flowers. They are so fragrant and beautiful and come in a surprising array of colors.

Three big things:

1) Modern medicine: I may get frustrated at times, but I am so grateful to have access to modern medicine and treatments to my pain and nausea when this pancreatitis hits.

2) Family: some of them might bug me, but I love all of them. I am super grateful to have the cousins I do, along with my uncles and aunts.

3) Friends: honestly, I don’t know how I’d be sane at all right now without them. This sucks so much…


3 thoughts on “The 11th and 12th…

  1. Lilacs are great, my little village has dozens of lilac bushes and in the spring the whole town smells like them… for me, my favourite smell would have to be freshly cut hay.

    I’m not sure about three big things… stable housing would be one. My immediate family, of course. Music could be three…

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