A busy day and now…

…I’m washing a couple of things in the laundry and laying in bed.

I got my car an oil change today (early!) and I went to my therapy appointment.

I talked to my therapist about how difficult it is to have chronic pancreatitis and feel sick so often. I try to keep a good attitude and be the “good patient,” but honestly I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pain and the general circus that goes along with it.

The emergency room is starting to feel like it has a revolving door, and I’m really not a fan of that. I hate being that person.

I am just frustrated.

Anyway, it was a good session.

I am tired today, though. I drank an entire energy drink during therapy just to stay awake and I’m crashing from that.

I really just want to take my meds and go to sleep, but it’s only 6 p.m. here so it’s a little early.

Oh well.

I’ll figure it out.

Image from Pexels.


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