I am grateful

I have a friend who is very impressionable and easy to manipulate.

This got this person into a bunch of trouble, including losing their kids, and I was terribly angry with them for a while.

Upon learning the extent of the situation, I realized that my friend, while culpable, was also a victim.

I have tried to keep this balance in mind while dealing with them. It can be hard.

Now, this friend has a very severe manic side to the bipolar disorder that they experience, along with some intellectual disabilities. It is a recipe for disaster.

I am beyond grateful that this person has chosen to move to an adult foster care home and is going there today.

It wasn’t an easy decision for this person and I completely get that, but it is the right place.

I honestly have been beside myself for months over what to do for this friend and how the system was failing them so I am just happy that they are finally getting the help they need.

It was damaging my own mental health for a while, until I had to take a step back, so I’m so happy it has had a good resolution.

I don’t know if I will have a gratitude post for every day in November, but I’m going to try to post more about what I’m grateful for this month I hope.


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