Coffee at midnight

Okay, so in what was not the smartest move I’ve ever made, I drank two cups of coffee after midnight.

In my defense, my friend was having a weird seeming-to-be allergic reaction to something and so I am concerned enough to want to stay awake in their room and keep an eye on them.

I gave them Benadryl and some steroids they had from a previous reaction so hopefully they will be okay. I also made them stay awake for a solid two hours to make sure things were good before I let them sleep…

I will still probably wake them up four hours from the first dose of Benadryl and re-dose them.

I have so much anxiety about allergic reactions from my own experience with them. I couldn’t get this person to go to the emergency room so… I guess I’m on watch duty.

It’s all good though because I can sleep in tomorrow.

I did have an oil change appointment for my car tomorrow, but I had already moved it to next week because I wasn’t feeling the best. It’s a bit early for the oil change anyway, so it’s okay.

My friend just woke up and said they feel MUCH better soooooo…. I’m off to find my bed and attempt to sleep.

Good night all!

Image from Pexels.


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