Freaking out today

I am having a hard day.

As stated earlier, nothing was really going through way I planned it to, and it didn’t really improve.

I tried to pick up my meds at the pharmacy that I called them about on Friday and they weren’t ready. They hadn’t even ordered them so they didn’t have them all in stock. I had to get partial fills- meaning I have to go back there later this week.

I was frustrated, but unreasonably so. I didn’t lose my temper at anyone, but I was really angry.

I yelled, (inside of my car), at other cars in traffic, and just generally was mad.

I am not sure if I’m coming down with something physically or if I’m just stressed out.

Either way, something is off.

Just having a hard time.

I haven’t felt this hopeless in a while. I feel like I’m sinking into a deeper depression again.


Image from Pexels.


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