Autumn arrives tomorrow

It’s been “officially” fall for a few weeks, but it’s still been rather temperate and sunny considering it’s Michigan and October.

All of that changes tomorrow when a cold front is supposed to move in and bring rain and cooler weather.

I think we’ve seen our last “warm and sunny” day of the year, or at least the last one that won’t be an aberration in the pattern. Honestly I am happy.

Bring on the jeans and hoodie weather! Yay!

I almost bought a new hoodie today. It was super thick and warm and probably would have quickly become my favorite, but I just couldn’t justify spending close to $60 on a sweatshirt.

At least not right now.

If it had been a zip-up hoodie all bets would have been off though. I probably would have bought it.

I love my zip ups so much that the ones I have are fraying at the sleeves or have broken zippers. I need to get them fixed.

I adore autumn.

I’m hoping the cooler weather puts a spring in my step and helps me to get motivated because I have been distinctly UNmotivated all summer.

I really need to clean my room and living space, but it’s just a disaster area and I feel completely overwhelmed. I’ve been kind of in a low level depression for months and not really up to doing much of anything.

Then I got pancreatitis again and I just kind of gave up.

I really need to get back on the wagon here and start picking away at the junk in here and the laundry in the other room. Most of that is summer clothing now.


Photo by me.


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