The Queen

I woke up today to news that The Queen is not doing well.

I know I’m an American, but this woman reminds me so much of my late grandmother.

I’m just sad.

I’ve traveled across the U.K. and I love the people there.

I know people have varying opinions about the royal family, and that’s okay. The history nerd in me just can’t wrap my head around 70 years of history and what she’s seen and people she’s met etc.

Really though, I think it’s just the weird connection to my grandmother that I’ve always had in my head that bothers me the most about Queen Elizabeth II not doing well.

It’s kind of silly. I know.

That is my grandmother at her 90th birthday. She is wearing a wig in this picture because she had cancer, but she had beautiful black hair her entire life.

I don’t know.

This whole thing is sad.

First image from PBS.

Second photo by me.


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