Back from vacay!

I went up north and made a brief trip over to Mackinac Island.

I sat in the park and ate brunch and shopped for a new sweatshirt (but didn’t find anything), and I bought fudge, (which the island is famous for), for friends and family.

I also just had a lovely time with my cousin’s grandmother and her two dogs.

I was a little worried about the dogs because they were a handful at her birthday party, but they were so funny in the camper and absolutely endearing.

The grandmother and I played UNO every night after I taught her how to play, and after the first night she beat me every night!

Her camp sight was right on the shore of Lake Huron with a wonderful view of the bridge and the island. It was gorgeous!

I was able to help her get the dogs outside and take care of things like the trash, and she was wonderful enough to host me.

I didn’t want to come home at all!

It was definitely bittersweet.

I am tired.

I’m also a little depressed I think.

It’s good I came home when I did.

My mom was starting to get “itchy” about me being gone and going into my bedroom. She’s also harassing me about “what I’m going to do with my life.”

Like I’m not stressed about that.

I dunno.

Tonight I’m just going to rest.

Photo by me.


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