I finally see the light…

I have been in the hospital since last Saturday night.

I’m so over it.

After talking with the doctor today, I finally see hope though. I mean, I think I will probably be going home tomorrow or Sunday.

This makes me very happy.

I suspect I won’t be doing much when I go home besides sleeping and resting, but at least I will be home in my own bed.

The novelty of being in the hospital has definitely worn off.

I’m also really worried about the effect that all of these pain killers will have on my mood in the short to mid term. I usually have a pretty significant emotional crash after one of these health events.

Thankfully, I see my psych prescriber near the end of next week, so if it’s a problem, I can talk to her about it.

I am also worried about how this hospitalization will effect my food intake overall, so I’m trying to eat while I’m here so I don’t slip back into not eating at all. I don’t think that’s a healthy pattern for me.

Overall though, I’m just happy to be seeing the end of this stay. Yay. On to new and brighter things. And (hopefully), an answer as to why this happens!

Old original art by me.

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