Big storms!

We had some nasty storms last night I guess.

I didn’t notice them because I was in the hospital and my window looks out onto a courtyard thing, instead of fully outside.

Thank goodness.

I’m pretty scared of storms so I am not a fan.

Anyway, a bunch of people I know lost power last night. I lost power at home too, except we have a generator that automatically kicks on and runs everything in the house except the air conditioning. Normally, that isn’t too much of a crisis, but it’s very hot this week.

Thankfully, our power, and that of most people I know’s has come back this afternoon.

Again, kind of irrelevant for me since I am still sitting in the hospital, but I’m glad it’s back because I would not want to go back to a hot room.

Sigh. Back to sleep I think.

Image from Pexels.

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