Yeah… still here…

I’m still in the hospital.

It’s awesome.

Actually, I mean I don’t wish this pain on anyone or myself, but the staff has been amazing and my doctor has been really good as well.

I feel like they are really trying to figure it out this time and not just send me to the curb.

It’s super annoying to be here just four months after I was here last.

The pain is… indescribable.

I just want to sleep most of the time. Some of that is the pain meds and some of that is me hiding from pain.

We also just had wicked storms go through as well and so while my parents came up to visit in that, my stepdad just left to go back home because we lost power and he needs to check on stuff. Also, apparently there are a lot of trees down on our road so we don’t know if they can even get home.

It sucks

Anyway, I guess at least I have an air conditioned place to sleep tonight…

Even if it is a hospital room.

Photo by me.

7 thoughts on “Yeah… still here…

  1. The last time that I was in ICU was due to a botched colonoscopy. Code Blue! Everyone was so pleasant, nice, and attentive that I wondered why people are only that way when I’m in that condition? Anyway, I never stop reading the Bible…

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    1. Reading the Bible is a good activity. I don’t need a colonoscopy (at least not so far this time), and I haven’t coded (and don’t expect to), but I get your point.

      It is an interesting phenomenon.

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      1. I’m glad you don’t need a colonoscopy. My colonoscopy didn’t get past first base. The IV drip missed the vein, it started to sting my arm and I tried to tell the nurse. She ignored me and I went out soon after that. I woke up surrounded by doctors and they rolled me down to the ICU for an overnight. No follow ups. No further tests. Nothing. Anyway, back to Bible reading.

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